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Hats are a great alternative to wigs for women experiencing hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy or alopecia. All our hats offer full coverage, a soft interior and great style.

Women's Hats

Butterfly Beanie
#1 Bestseller!
Olive, Slate, Coffee Bean available Mid-September.

All day comfort, full coverage and great style. No elastic or tightness. A perfect hat for cancer patients Great for sensitive heads.

My top recommendation for a gift for cancer patients. 100% cotton. Made in Canada. Stretches beautifully to fit head sizes 21.5"-24" I LOVE THIS BEANIE! Read the rave reviews below.

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Price: $35.99  
Benny Wool Felt Bowler Hat
Tired of baseball caps and cancer turbans?
Inspired by Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon. Add some pizazz to your hat wardrobe this fall with a fun, wool felt bowler hat.

Very soft, high quality felt with a satin sweat band and covered draw sting for a perfect fit. Has a nice, deep crown for full coverage. Bend the brim to suit your mood. A great fall and winter hat for cancer patients. Fits small to medium heads, 20"-22.5".

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Price: $36.99  
Abby Fleece Cloche Hat
September Special!
Add some spark to your fall wardrobe with this artsy fleece cloche.

Two layers of ultra soft fleece to keep you cozy, with colorful wool yarn trim. A thin wire holds the brim in place.
Great coverage and jammie softness make this a perfect winter hat for cancer patients. Fits head sizes 21"-23".

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Sale Price: $26.99
Regular Price: $ 29.99
My Cheri Amour Cotton Beret
The Classic Beret never goes out of style!
You'll be right in step in any season with an easy-t-wear cotton beret. Our Cheri Amour Cotton beret is 11.5" across for a fuller look and more drape than the Chee Chee cotton beret. 100% cotton. Made in Canada by Parkhurst Hats. Fits head sizes 21"-22.5".

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Price: $21.99  
Roxy Microfleece Cloche Hat
Feels like Jammies, looks like a million bucks!
Another great find from Hats, Scarves and More. This fabulous, light-weight microfleece cloche hat is yummy soft, stretchy and so comfy on your head it's like wearing nothing at all.
A perfect winter hat for cancer patients. Made in U.S.A. Fits head sizes 22"-24.5" A great hat for large head sizes.

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Price: $36.99  
Rosey Flapper Beanie
You may experience an unexpected urge to dance the Charleston when you don this sweet little flapper hat.

Extremely soft, light-weight and comfy with lots of stretch. Great for sensitive heads. Fits head sizes 21.5"-25". 100% acrylic. Flower can be worn wherever suits your mood.

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Price: $26.99  
Linen Blend Military Hat
Yea! Olive and Black are back in stock!!!!

The Military hat gets a fabulous feminine makeover with more fullness and shape in the crown, softer fabric and great coverage at the nape for women with hair loss due to cancer treatment or alopecia. Elastic at the nape gives a secure fit for head sizes 21.5-23."
Slide ring is functional, and adjusts the hat for a perfect fit.

Check out the Rave reviews below.

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Sale Price: $19.99
Regular Price: $ 22.99
Rowdie Slouchy Hat
Get Rowdie, with this fun and super comfortable slouchy hat.
Soft, light-weight and stretchy. Wear as a slouchy beret as in photo 4, or turn the cuff up for a more fitted look.
A great hat for medium to large head sizes. Feels like jammies, yet nice enough to wear out to dinner or any event.

Hand crafted in Seattle WA. Hand wash. Fits head sizes 22"-24.5".

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Price: $28.99  
Jazz Cloche Hat
Put a little Jazz in your step. All-day comfort and great style await you with this classic cloche (klosh) hat by Parkhurst. 100% cotton pampers your head and allows your scalp to breathe.

Full coverage over the ears and at the nape make this a perfect hat for cancer patients and women with hair loss. Small to Medium, fits head sizes 21"-22.5". 100% cotton. Made in Canada by Parkhurst Hats. Hand wash.

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Price: $37.99  

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