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Beauty, Inspiration and Hope

In 1988, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian cancer and underwent a full year of chemotherapy. I bought a couple of wigs and though I was a hairdresser and knew how to work with wigs, they looked terrible and felt even worse. After much searching I found a large rayon scarf that worked and it became my constant companion for the duration of my treatment.

Four years later, when a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer I helped her find a wig, cut her chin-length bob down to two inches long, showed her how to tie headscarves and shared my best tips on how to tame the nausea. It was then that I decided to combine my cancer experience with my hairdressing experience to help women navigate the uncertainty of chemotherapy and hair loss.

For the next 25 years, I specialized in helping cancer patients with wigs, hats and scarves as part of my hairdressing practice. During that time I saw hundreds of women in various stages of grief, acceptance and devastation. Their stories were as varied as the women themselves, but the one thing they shared was the desire to look their best and feel as normal as possible, whether that meant wearing a wig, a flashy hat or a simple headscarf. I was stunned by how many women told me that losing their hair was harder than losing a breast.

I founded Hats, Scarves and More in 2005 to help women with cancer and other types of hair loss look and feel beautiful. Our Mission is to offer Beauty, Inspiration and Hope through these challenging times.

Best wishes,


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