Bali Batik Head Scarf For Women 15" x 60"

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Bali Batik Head Scarf For Women 15" x 60"


Introducing our exclusive Bali Batik Oblong Head Scarves for chemo patients. Easy-to-tie at a nice price of $16.99. 

 Our new Bali Batik Head Scarf for women in 15" X 60" is ultra soft, allows your scalp to breathe and stays securely tied, even on a bald head; a must in chemo headwear for women.

Cooler than cotton or silk scarves, these ultra soft head scarves for women in lively batik prints make great head scarves for cancer patients for their softness, breathability and natural non-slip rayon fabric.

Head scarves and head wraps for women make soft, comfortable head coverings and are much cooler than wigs. A nice wig alternative for women with alopecia and medical hair loss. 

These first quality Bali Batik head covers for women are soft, breathable and make lovely summer head wraps for women with large heads. Generously sized for many tying options. 

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Designed by Nicki Serquinia, a cancer thriver who also worked with cancer patients for over 25 years in her hairdressing practice. These combined experiences give Hats Scarves & More the leading edge when it comes to knowing the best headcovers, hats and head scarves for women with medical hair loss.

Nicki traveled to Bali to find the best first quality batik manufacturers to design the perfect sized head scarves for cancer patients in both oblong and square sizes. 

Hand crafted in Bali using  traditional batik methods, these vibrant batik head scarves are hand crafted in Bali by artisans who receive a fair wage and work in good conditions.

Hand wash, air dry. Available only from Hats, Scarves and More


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