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< The Mediterranean Scarf can be folded a couple of different ways. Fold it corner to corner to create a triangle. Then fold the pointed end over about 6-8 inches. You’ve now created an oblong scarf. What you want is a width that goes from your forehead to the nape of your neck without having too much left over at the nape. Place the scarf over your head with the point on the inside, then tie at the nape of your neck. One tie may hold it just fine. You can make a knot if you prefer. You can twist the ends and tie them on top of your head if you like. I preferred to wear my tails down. If you want the tails to drape in front of your shoulder, tug one of the ends to nudge the knot over. This worked better for me than trying to tie it behind my ear or turn the whole scarf. You can tie the ends in a bow behind your ear or at the nape. If your talented at such things, you can twist the ends and make a rosette. You can also fold the scarf into a triangle then fold the long straight side over about 4-6 inches to create a smaller triangle. This will leave you with the point at the nape line, rather than a straight line across the bottom. You can tie the ends over or under the point. Each way will give you a different design on your forehead. Washing: I’ve test-washed these scarves and they wash up beautifully. Cold water in the sink, about 1 tsp Woolite, swish around. Rinse the soapy water out of the sink, add cold water and swish through to rinse. Squeeze gently, wrap in a towel and press out the excess water. Shake it out and hang to dry over the shower rod and you are going to be so amazed! It comes out perfect and dries within 30 minutes. I wouldn’t bother with pressing, but if you do, use a cool iron and perhaps a pressing cloth between the scarf and the iron. Enjoy! Thanks again for your order, Nicki Serquinia >